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Avi Baby


Take This Away


Just Like Them


Kisses From Heaven

This song was written by attempting to imagine her perspective when she came to realize that her time on Earth would be cut short. No words could even come close to describing what a joy she was to all of us or how deeply the pain of her leaving us hurts. Mary knew Jesus and we will see her again, but for now we will be looking for her kisses from heaven.

Her Mother And I


Joey’s Song


Back Home To You


Christmas Remembers


Grave Yard Shift


Hell In The Morning


If Only


Road To Nowhere


When I’m Gone


Where Did All The Time Go?


Why Not


Warm Heart

"I need a cold one & a warm heart tonight I need a cold one & a warm heart tonight Baby treat me right Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Drown Our Sorrows

"Tonight let’s drown our sorrows Have toast for a better tomorrow Unload the cooler let it flow Let go and drown our sorrows Drown our sorrows"

Never Drink Again

"I’ll never drink again No No No This time I really mean it The end Yeah Yeah Yeah I’m really finished I’m not like them No I’ll never drink again"

Don’t Feel Pity For Me

Inspired by the courage of U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar of the 3rd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment from Lake Orion, Michigan, Chuck White, along with Morgan Cryar, an accomplished musician from Nashville, Tennessee, felt compelled to write this song.

He’s Still My Dad

I want to give a special thank you to my father-in-law, Warren Bliss, for all the times he would secretly go and visit my dad in the hospital and give him hope. Warren would pray with my dad and tell him how much Jesus loved him, and if he asked for forgiveness, God would forgive him. My dad would speak of his visits. The last one made my dad cry, and I knew he had asked Jesus into his heart. For that, Warren, you’re a Godly Servant and I am eternally grateful. - Chuck

Dear Brothers

It is with trembling hands and a bowed heart that we present this song to Cliff and Vicki Schrauger, two fellow believers who have been called to live out their faith through an unspeakable heartbreak, the loss of their two young sons, Josh and Timmy.

Sound of Freedom

"In America you can shout, Whatever you believe, This is still the greatest country, We’re the land of the free"

That’s Just What You Do

This is dedicated to all the fighting heroes who serve with their very lives on behalf of all of us who love our freedom.

Wanna Work

"I just wanna work, So I can live, Take care of my family, And give what I can give"

I Couldn’t Help But Look

"I couldn’t help but look, What can I say, God made women, But the devil tried to make me, Keep on lookin’ back their way, I couldn’t help but look"

Someone Like Me

"I’m really trying’, Dying to be free..."

Lyin’ Low In Detroit

I am sad to say this song was written after spending the night in a Detroit jail. One of the lessons learned was that there is no status, race, or religion when you’re behind bars, just an expensive lifetime membership to the devil’s country club called “shame”.

Bring Daddy Back Your Heart

This song was especially written for my baby girl, Kati Marie. When I wrote this, Kati was going on sixteen and I wanted her to always know that no matter what choices we make, good or bad, she could always count on me to help her go through life.

Heaven’s Near

This song is how I feel whenever I’m with my children.They are more than wonderful. Having a boy made me realize how painful it must have been for God to sacrifice his only son, Jesus, so that we might have salvation. I cannot imagine giving up my only son.

Movers & Shakers

The harder I fought to be successful in business or as a husband and father the more I was reminded I’m a sinner and without God’s grace through his son Jesus, I am nothing at all.

Mr. Pike

I was one of those kids who had no church upbringing, so I would get on a bus with my sister and brother some Sundays, and it was in a Baptist church where I first invited Jesus into my heart at the age of eight years old. Thank you to all the Baptist bus drivers who sacrifice their time each week for all the unsaved children.

Taeler’s Song

Taeler is my nephew. He is the closest to my own son and our family’s miracle. Taeler had leukemia at the age of four. He is the strongest person I’ve ever met. Thank you, Jesus, for sparing his life.

I Think of You

This song was inspired by my lovely wife and two children, Kati and Chapin. It is in all the things I do that I think of you. You three are my whole life.

What Goes Around

I wrote this song upon realizing how the music business really works. It is a myth to think you drop off your CD at the local radio station to get “discovered.” The joke in Nashville is: “How do you kick a bass player off your porch? – You pay him for the pizza.” Nashville, look out! Here I come!

Hand Me Downs

I made a hunting knife for my brother one Christmas, and my sister wrote me a poem another Christmas. These gifts I remember the most. And working on a farm for free was the hardest job, yet most rewarding. Life is more valuable when you have less and work harder.

Heroes of September

On September 9, 2002, Tattoo Bob lead a group of 30 bikers out of Oxford, Michigan on a mission to deliver over $30,000 to the families of Rescue Unit #2 in NYC.

Still Crazy About You

As crazy as life can be some days, I wouldn’t change mine for anything. I love my family. I hope it never gets too quiet.

Forever Gone

I lived through a very ugly divorce with Mom and Dad. This truly did make all of us choose sides at almost every holiday even years later. I miss my family when it was together and joyful.

Way Back Home

This song was written from imagining losing my spouse. I’ve seen loved ones go through it and I fear the very thought of it.

The Bottom’s Deep

Right when you think you’ve been as low as you can go, you can hit an even deeper bottom. This is where you’re as close to God and as far away from god all in the same echo.

I Choose You

This song is my personal favorite. The very thought of losing my wife would be a sorrowful choice. I couldn’t live with that, so… I can’t live without you! I choose you, Nikki.

Not The End

This is a whole lot of Morgan Cryar and a little bit of me. Lynn, we didn’t always see eye to eye except when it came to believing that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The way you persevered in your pain reminded me of Jesus. I was so proud of you to the very end. I miss you most on Christmas Eve and your surprise stocking stuffers. Until we meet again, I love you.

About Goodbye

I had just dropped my daughter off early one school morning. She was in the 10th Grade. I drove past a daycare center and saw a sharp mom in a BMW hustling out of the car to drop off her infant, and I pulled over to write this song.

Broken Lilacs

This song is in honor of my mother and all the pain she endured raising us four children. She had to battle an alcoholic husband yet still help us to believe we had a purpose. I know even now we are what matters most to her.

One With You

This song was written for a friend named Patti, for her wedding day. Marriage can be hard and sometimes you’re both right and everything is still very wrong. My wife and I have been married for twenty-three years. Without Christ, we would not still be together.

The Man I Want To Be

I loved my grandpa more than anything growing up. He never judged me and his life was a real struggle. His mom died when he was a boy and his father left the family. He was split up from his brothers for the rest of his life. He suffered through the great depression with his grandma. He knew hunger and pain. He was a true Marine.

Playing Church

I used to work with a man that was so proud to say he was a deacon of his church. I was about 23-24 and he was in his 60’s. He was cheap and conniving and would secretly go to seedy topless bars. This song was inspired by him and as a reminder to myself!

Never Forget

When our prayers get answered, we go on to the next problem and begin to worry all over again as if it’s doubtful God will come through. God, I’m sorry for always doubting Your greatness.

That’s My Boy

I was driving down the road with my son when he said, “Dad, I think I might join the army.” (He was 13.) He said, “Dad, why should some young men die for me, maybe they could use my help.” I held back the tears until we got home. I began writing right away and thought, “Wow! That’s my boy.”

Broken Believer

A friend at church asked me to pray for her son as the tears welled in her eyes. She had lost one son in an accident and she couldn’t stand the thought of her other boy wandering away from the Jesus he once knew.

That’s My Boy v2


There Yet Daddy?

We used to load the car up every summer and head North for a couple of weeks. Dad, thank you for working so hard for me and the family and for all those summer vacations.

Katrina Song Rise Up


Wealthy Man

I have had no money and for a brief moment, a lot of money, and there is no wealth without someone who truly loves you.

The Empty Chair

I couldn’t help being overwhelmed by the thought of so many families being without their son or daughter and how every Christmas would only emphasize the pain.

Nobody Knows

I pray to God for your healing and I love you forever.

Letting You Go

Well, that time finally came to send my baby off to college. It was about 11:00 pm the night before and I was packing the truck in the dark when she walked under the garage light and I lost it! I couldn’t stop crying while she held me like I was the child. The next month there was an emptiness in our home that left a lump in my throat.

Canadian Mist




Off Rogers Road


Just Hold On