The Empty Chair

I couldn’t help being overwhelmed by the thought of so many families being without their son or daughter and how every Christmas would only emphasize the pain.
God bless all of our men and women in uniform and the sacrifices they and their families make for our freedom.

The Empty Chair Lyrics

The winter night just sparkled
And snow covered the trees
We gathered in the front room
For another Christmas Eve

We sat around the table
But nothin’ much was said
Till my daddy looked around
And bowed his head

He said,“Lord, hear my prayer
Protect my little soldier over there
Lord, I know You care”
Mommy set an extra plate
And we all stared
At the empty chair

The children finally scattered
Checking boxes by the tree
I found my baby sister
Just before she fell asleep

I walked her down the hallway
We knelt beside her bed
We folded both our hands
And then she said,

“Lord, hear my prayer
Watch out for my big brother over there
Lord, let him know we care”
Then she ran back out and placed her teddy bear
On the empty chair

In some mess hall in the desert
White Christmas quietly plays
They talk about their loved ones
Then one soldier finally stands to pray

He says,“Lord, hear our prayer
Won’t you let ‘em know we miss them
all down here
And Lord, let ‘em know we care”
And they all salute and look around
and stare
At the empty chairs
All the empty chairs


Words & Music by Chuck White & Morgan Cryar

Vocals by Morgan Cryar

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