Just Like Them

Just Like Them

Just like them
She dreamt that we could be
The ones who had it all
For the whole world to see

She would watch them out the window
Chasing kids from dusk to dawn
They’d go to church each Sunday
The perfect house the perfect lawn

There they stood
Nothing but blue skies above
Holding hands, so madly in love
This will be us one day
A fairytale that never ends
Just like them

I walked her down the aisle
Together we built a home
It seems so far away now
With Grandkids of our own

We’ve struggled through some dark times
We’ve prayed some nights away
The laughter filled our house
And oh those Holidays

This should be our time
We’re in the Golden years
If I could wrap my arms around you
And dance away your tears
Give us back that young love
The kind we had back when
Just like them

Till death do us part , parted us today
Over 30 years now just washed down the drain

Just like them
The couple that couldn’t make it through
Like a third wheel at some party
I feel like such a fool

I can’t help second guessing
I’m a man without his home
My life stuffed in a suitcase
This is deeper than alone

I’m trying to look up
Some say keep moving on
This is such a broken story
Like some bad country song
How could this be
No more us no more we
Never again . . .

Here we are
Just like them


Words by: Chuck White

Vocals by: Matt Dame

Guitar by: Matt Dame

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