Her Mother And I

Her Mother And I Lyrics

We watched him walk
The longest walk of his life
He struggled as he gave me her hand
His daughter, my wife
Who gives this woman to this man?
He replied,

Her mother and I

Like an angel she appeared
On a cold and winter’s night
The doctor smiled, it’s a girl
My daughter, my life
With tears of joy, we both cried

Her mother and I

All those daddy daughter dances
With just her and me
We’d spin around in tiny circles
While she rode there on my feet
She grew up, a chapter closed
Now we’ll watch her fly

Her mother and I

He lingered as he stuttered
When he asked for my baby’s hand
I paused a little, then I said yes
And thought, what a fine young man
Bitter sweet, we both cried

Her mother and I

Now it’s my turn to take that walk
The longest of my life
I’ll struggle as I give him her hand
My daughter, his wife
Who gives this woman to this man?

Her mother and I

Those four words will be such a hard good bye

For her mother and I


Words and Music by Chuck White, Nikki White and Morgan Cryar

Vocals by Chuck White

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  1. Stephane says:

    I really like this piece ovlrael, but there are a couple spots when instruments come in and they are just too distracting. The maracas or shakers that you've got at the beginning just seem the slightest bit too loud once the marimba? comes in. I love your break before you bring more percussion in. Your transition to the jazzy, elevator-y section is interesting I like how it leads back into your main idea (or at least what I feel like your main idea is). But, I feel like we could spend longer on that section before the section with the hums. I wish there was just a little more continuity. Maybe use that vocal track in the beginning somewhere, too, so the ending isn't something entirely different than what we've been hearing?All in all, this is great. I really like what you've got going!

    • Chuck says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Appreciate the detailed feedback ! ! !
      Hope you had a very Merry Christmas,
      All the strings in the background are the Nashville Quartet.

      Happy New Year to you, & Thank you for taking a listen.


  2. Steve Tocco says:

    Beautiful song. I like how Chuck's vocals are just a little unsteady as if on the verge of tears. Very touching.


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