That’s My Boy

I was driving down the road with my son when he said, “Dad, I think I might join the army.” (He was 13.) He said, “Dad, why should some young men die for me, maybe they could use my help.”

I held back the tears until we got home. I began writing right away and thought, “Wow! That’s my boy.”

Chapin, I’m so proud of you. I love you.

That's My Boy Lyrics

I still remember when she said,
“It’s time.”
A boy, a girl, either one was fine
The doctor, he came out
And said it won’t be long
Ya know a newborn sounds
Just like the sweetest song

And then I saw him
We both cried
He looked at me through little eyes
And I knew he’d be his daddy’s
pride and joy
That’s my boy

I still remember his first day of school
I stayed as long as they’d allow me to
But I lingered there and watched him
Through the window that day
Till he smiled and blew a kiss
And then he waved me away

And when I saw him, yes, I cried
He looked at me through fearless eyes
He knew that he was daddy’s
pride and joy
That’s my boy

And now caps and gowns surround me
And I get the strangest feelin’
That he’s leavin’ like an arrow from my bow
So I search this sea of faces
For the faintest little traces
Of that little bitty boy I used to know

When I see him, we both cry
He looks at me through hero eyes
And he knows that he’s his daddy’s
pride and joy
That’s my boy

Son, you know you’ll always be my
pride and joy
That’s my boy


Words & Music by Chuck White & Morgan Cryar

Vocals by Morgan Cryar

Video by Bill Morgan

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  1. James Stewart says:

    wow, what a story you have to tell. That was amazing song. Hope your son Joins the army. I always dreamed of joining and i did in 2003 when i was 16.

    • ChuckWhite says:

      Thanks James for your comment on my music web-site, I just saw this !

      Chuck White


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