About CWM

There are moments in your life when you realize that you’re not going to live forever and in those moments, you will have complete clarity of whom and what really matters the most.

So when I first thought about trying to record, I was inspired mostly by this thought, “When I die, what will I leave my children?” I thought about leaving them their very own keepsake songs – something they could hold onto for the rest of their lives.

These songs reveal what matters most to me. Real stories about life and death. Love and eternity. Holding on and letting go.

God bless you forever,
Chuck White


  1. Bill Morgan says:

    The new website? It's fresh.
    Can't wait to see the next one.

    • ChuckWhite says:

      THANKS BILLY ! Just saw this comment !
      Your the Man !


  2. Knowlej Ra says:

    Hello Chuck,

    It was a pleasure talking with you and your daughter about Electric Lady a moment ago. You are very pleasant and inspiring. Enjoy your time in the City and have a great day!

  3. Michael Esshaki says:

    God gifted you with Creativity and outside the box thinking, it’s amazing the talent you have for song writing is a blessing. Great job with everything from the songs to the site.

    Michael E.


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